Pemberton Township Fire Department Recruitment Videos

Craig Augustoni – Clip One

Does Every Volunteer Firefighter Have to Enter Burning Buildings?

 40 Second Clip

Craig Augustoni – Clip Two

People Of All Ages Can Volunteer

 32 Second Clip

Craig Augustoni – Clip Three

Together We Make A Difference

 1.28 Minute Clip

Jacob Pyatt – Clip One

What Opportunities Are There In The Volunteer Fire Service

 45 Second Clip

Jacob Pyatt – Clip Two

Volunteering Is A Great Way To Start Your Career As A Firefighter

 35 Second Clip

Ashley Griggs – Clip One

Does Volunteering Benefit The Family ?

 40 Second Clip

JT Gemignani – Clip Two

A Sense Of Fulfillment From Volunteering

50 Second Clip

Jason Price – Clip Two

Volunteering Can Be A Stepping Stone To Paid Firefighing

30 Second Clip

Jamie Sabo – Clip One

The Benefits of Volunteering

35 Second Clip

Jamie Sabo – Clip Two

Volunteering With or Without Children

33 Second Clip

Tim Smoot – Clip One

Volunteer Firefighing Is Being Part of Something Special

47 Second Clip

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